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Dreams, Flappy skin, menage a trois, and the assasination of Charles Manson.

Strange ass fucking dream last night ...

Was sent an a mission or something. Some kind of covert ops thing. We were travelling, a small group of us, one of whom would later turn out to be Bill. City street reminded me of Buffalo or Syracuse - night time - yet there was snow on the ground.

Im loading my stuff from mom and dads on to a bus. Bus wont wait for me. I am literally emptying my drawers into boxes and trying to rush onto this big ole Coach. I am able to get some stuff on, and then all of the sudden the fucker leaves. Lucky for me, his was on a long line of buses, so I can grab the next one. I start having anxiety about some of my stuff being hauled away to God knows where. So I get to the next bus driver, this woman, and I tell her that the guy just took off with my stuff and WITHOUT me. So I beg her to follow him. She gets on the CB, pretending to help. She starts procrastinating, like the 2 of em are IN ON IT!


Next thing I know we are on the hunt for someone. All I know is that I keep having anxiety about getting caught, I have flashforwards of being in jail for life because we killed this dude. (whoever the "target" is.)

So I start devising a plan to get out of it. I am deathly afraid of the rest of our crew (anywhere between 2 and 4 other guys) that if I dick out, or worse (and I considered this) TURN THEM IN, then I am done for. They would surely torture me.

So for some this black dude keeps bumping into me, trying to antagonize me. Before I know it, I am a kind of quasi-slave working in this shop, mixing together materials. I took my converse off as I entered. He pays us good ($20 I think) to sit next to a white bucket and mix, jello, a few pills, and some liquid shit. People are getting pulled in off the streets to help. I start mixing mine ... some funky shit starts to happen to it, like a weird energy starts to radiate from it. Then (and pretty VIVID)


Just before the flash and pop, someone had warned frantically (Solyent Green style) "Its drugs! We're making drugs!"

So people start rushing out yelling and screaming! I run out too. People are trying to see what happened. Oh shit my shoes are still off. I rush back in. Trying not hard to look I just glance quickly. Turns out some guy mixed his and it exploded, a huge orange flame lit up his face. His skin was all flappy, like burnt and hanging off and he had his head down on the counter he worked at.

Fuck that. I ran. Didnt get far. Ran into another (same?) black dude. Had his family with him. Bill starts dancing with the adolescent daughter.

The Special Ops crew continue on our jouney. We are holed up in this real shitty house, that reminds me of what my house sometimes felt like as a kid. Large, and messy. Like a heroin den, only no heroin and no den.

So i am still trying to think of ways to get out of this. Even though theres snow, I keep hearing that its California. It is not.

So then I realize that the person we are trying to assasinate is actually Charles Manson. Cool. At least we could have a sympathetic jury, eh?

So I start to reconsider. Maybe theres a way we can get away with it. After all, it is Charles Manson, people may look the other way, rite?

So then I am upstairs in some room with this superhot black chick that looks like Halle Berry. We start fooling around. She forces a condom on me, and forces me into her. Yeehaw. I am on top of her. Then she motions for this superhot tall chick that looks like Geena Davis. Geena gets undressed, and soon as I reach for her (hubba hubba) Halle gets all bent out of shape and pushes me off of her.

So I just want some menage a trois action, why the FUCK do they have to fight?!?

So then some person knocks on the door. Turns out its some kind of customer, and we are above some kind of store. Apparently it was my responsibility to make sure the customers were taken care of so both women storm away.


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