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Patriot Logic says that if u dont agree with "ousting" Sadaam Hussein that means u love him, or least condone his actions. Or think he has done nothing wrong. Well, I say that I dont LOVE Hussein, just respect international law.

The IRAQ/US checklist.

Has Weapons of Mass Destruction?
US/yes Iraq/good possibility

Has Chemical and Biological Weapons
US/yes Iraq/good possibility

Has used Nuclear Weapons before
US/yes (8-6-45) Iraq/no

Has used Chemical or Biological weapons on other nations
US/yes Iraq/yes

Has used Chemical or Biological weapons on its own people
US/yes Iraq/yes

Refuses to allow UN inspectors to locate and inspect every single military installation Nationwide
US/would never allow such action, refused to let Michael Moore "see" Iraq/95% compliance when asked (source: UN inspectors)

Has used forced to suppress its people from gaining basic human rights
US/often (Birmingham 63-64) Iraq/ yes (Kurds)

Is a danger to the region?
US/yes Iraq/yes

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