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You and me and the devil make 3

tales from the snowbelt

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Jay Jay
16 October
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29 year old student/writer from NY. Can express myself good and stuff unless I can not, but u know what i mean right?

Favorite guy named Doug: Douglas T. Jones. Des Moines, Iowa.
Favorite quote: "You gonna finish that catfish?" Arthur C. Moyhnihan, Red Lobster on Long Island September 9, 1979
12 monkeys, 80s metal, al franken, alabama and clarence, allison/brian/john/andrew/claire, american beauty, ana kournikova, andy kaufman, apocalypse now, atom and his package, baba booey, barton fink, beck, bell hooks, bernie/paulie/derek/andy/mo/tino, better off dead, big lebowski, blues brothers, boogie nights, bruce lee, bueller? bueller?, bugsy, ccr, christopher walken, chuck berry, claire daines, clockwork orange, coen brothers, crackhead bob, david lynch, dennis hopper, dick richie and floyd, disco bean, donnie baseball, dr. rock, ed spicoli, evil dead, f jackie, fa fa flunky, fargo, feck, frank sinatra, frank t.j. mackee, fred the martian, guido the killer pimp, hank the angry dwarf, happy birthday ralph, his name is/robert pulson, howard stern, howard zinn, hurly burly, i look like scott, jake and elwood, james brown, janes addiction, janie and lester, jeff bridges, jello biafra, jenna elfman, jimi hendrix, joe head, john cusak, john lennon, john malkovich, john turturro, kevin spacey, kill my landlord, lane meyer, larry "bud" melman, lili taylor, lili taylor (joe lies), liquid logic, long duck dong, madonna, magnolia, marvin ash, michael keaton, mickey and mallory, miles davis, milf, mingus, monk, monty python, nice guy eddie, nicholas cage, p-funk, parker posey, pembleton and bayliss, pocket rocket, radiohead, ralph nader, reese witherspoon, reservoir dogs, ricky fitts, rivers edge, robert altman, robin quivers, roses are free, sam raimi, samurai delicatessan, say anything, seymour scagnetti, sgt scagnetti, sixdegrees of bill paxton, sixdegrees of kevinbacon, sixteen candles, steve buscemi, stuttering john, taxi driver, terry gilliam, the beatles, the breakfast club, the dark backward, the devotchkas, the doors, the new york yankees, the regulator guy, the who, thurman #15, tim robbins, time bandits, tony montana, trane, travis bickle, trees lounge, tyler durden, wayne gayle, ween, weird science, whitey's on the moon, yogi mickey and whitey

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